8 Strategies for Holiday Selling Success

November 29, 2012

It is a joyous season for our economy up here in the Northwest. Despite the windy and rainy weather, people are shopping at the stores and they are shopping inside as well on buying sites across the Internet. The good news for us here in Washington is that people are helping and supporting the economy.

The facts are people love to buy. They are in the mood. But the one thing they do not like is to be sold. How many times have you looked for an appliance or an automobile and have been approached by a commissioned salesperson who helps quicken your exit and another place to look.

Why do salespeople do it? Thankfully most sales professionals know How to Win Friends and Influence People. And they understand that facilitation in sales indeed brings success.

From the Carnegie Principles, we learn quickly in sales to develop honest strategies when we approach a prospective client, especially during the holiday and year-end buying season:

  • Simply tell the truth: There should never be tricks or deception in sales.
  • Listen for information: It is critical to gather all the reasons why the client has involved you.  
  • Understand wants and needs: These two aspects of buying are uniquely different. Problems involve needs and wishes involve wants. Salespeople must know the difference.
  • Build relationships: Not only do people buy from people they like and trust, they also like being paid attention to when they are spending hard earned money.
  • Use time as a positive: Be aware of time and gear the fact finding and presentation around it.
  • Ask open-ended questions: What and why questions always develop into conversations.
  • Give the client some control: Share the buying experience and you would any team-driven opportunity. Facilitate do not dominate.
  • Close with the solution: There is always only one close in sales, the successful one. Each close comes with the solution the client needs. Be a solution finder and you will a success finder as well.  

It is amazing that the odds of a sale improve when we stop selling and allow the client to buy. Now that is win-win.


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