9 Classic Leadership Ingredients

February 22, 2013

As assess our organizations here in the Northwest after almost two months of 2013 gone, things are still challenging leadership and businesses here in Washington and across the country. The high gas prices are still a concern for both business and families. But there is growing hope that stability and opportunity will increase as we head into the second quarter.

Within Dale Carnegie Training, it always is about people and organizations. If leaders and businesses improve, success will indeed happen.

Good leadership should always be focused on fundamentals.  It is about strategy and responsibility. These two variables can strongly determine the future of every leader. Sometimes, the best things are grounded in common sense. Every leader should stay with the following nine classic leadership ingredients:

  • Honest and open communication: Messages must always be a two way street. Sharing and channeling information always makes things better.
  • Willingness to listen: Understanding is essential and it only happens when people listen.
  • Understanding teams: Employees must become good teams. Place people where they will grow.
  • Adjusting leadership style: Flexibility makes problem solving and decision making a lot easier.
  • Competence: The basis of any leader is consistency and knowledge.
  • Sharing responsibilities: No one leader can do it all. The more involvement, the more opportunity for others to show what they can do.
  • Managing change: It takes experience and focus to move change in positive directions. Good leaders know that they can do it well.
  • Big picture focus: Identifying overall objectives and communicating them to every one helps the teams to know where the business is headed.
  • Being energetic: There is nothing more important than being a good leader with energy and charisma. No leader can truly be successful without them.

Leadership is never easy. Managing opportunity makes it all happen.


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