The Four P’s are Possible with Dale Carnegie

March 22, 2013

With leadership and common sense strategy, coupled with Dale Carnegie and organizational training,   these main conduits for improvement here in the Northwest can affect every area of the business. It is critical to look at all the areas that are supported by the training and subsequent measurement and results. Here are four areas of focus for organizational management:

  • People: The number one priority will always continue to be people. It is central to every dale Carnegie Principle. Taking care of employees in positive ways and allowing them to contribute  is integral to success. If leadership succeeds, results will follow. It is critical to know they give teams the chance for growth and opportunity.
  • Principles: Mission and Guiding Values must be focused directly through employees. But these principles cannot be just words presented on orientation day. They must be backed with consistent ACTION across all teams and departments. With Dale Carnegie Training Northwest, innovation and change are backed up by business impact. Organizations are always directly tied to both results and continuous evaluation.
  • Priorities: Goals and objectives must come from a blend of people and process. If not sure how to improve, ask the employees. They will share what they believe will work. If there is a positive morale where risk taking and empowerment are appreciated equally, the employees will not hesitate to share ideas.
  • Processes: The road map to success is derived from how things are done. If the leadership message is clear, then the processes can be definable, trend-able, measurable, attainable and trainable.  Dale Carnegie can help align training goals and methods that focus expressly on continuous improvement.

It is not ironic that these ingredients start with the letter “P”. Problems and profits also are part of the “P” points. But putting people first will literally put all your P’s in order. Give employees the tools and the training they need. Treat them right and watch the profits grow.


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