6 Ingredients to Increase Sales Success

April 12, 2013

Nothing happens until something is sold here in the Northwest. Sales drive our economy in everything from products to services. Salespeople indeed are the foundation for a variety of organizational activity. Selling is a basic ingredient in what we do every day.

There have been many outstanding sales professionals in modern history who have made their mark in in society. Dale Carnegie, Joe Girard, and Zig Ziglar are among several famous people who have been the best of the best in sales; always focused on others and their success.

Here are six ingredients that will help create success in selling:

  • Be involved: There is no substitute for listening, having a friendly smile and using eye contact. On the phone, stand up during the conversation and be upbeat. Always be courteous and informative with both texts and e-mails; on Facebook, Google +  and Twitter be professional at all times.
  • Be attentive: Always be concerned with the client’s time and purpose. Understand wants and needs and focusing on the relationship are essential to success.
  • Be knowledgeable: Being an expert in both product and services and truly knowing how to be helpful are very important. Answer questions thoroughly and with utmost care. Most salespeople simply do not have the best answers when asked about features and benefits.
  • Be motivated: Have purpose in every sales interaction. Do not say or do anything without purpose. Role playing with other salespeople improves presentation.
  • Be aware of the value of a client: Be yourself and be sincere. Clients are very valuable. Remember names and remember what is motivating the client.
  • Be a solution finder: This is your secret sauce in sales success. Solve a problem. Although no one can be a Dale Carnegie, the more solutions you offer the more sales you will have. Be a solution finder and you will find success as well.        

Having excellence in sales means making a good living; you can do it.


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One Response to 6 Ingredients to Increase Sales Success

  1. Teresa Robinson on April 13, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    Great aricle with very good points – especially about emails and texts. You have to remember that no one can see your expression or hear the tone in which you are speaking the words so I always try to err on the side of caution and politeness.

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