6 Ways to Jump Start Workplace Change

May 30, 2013

It is almost halfway through the year. Where has 2013 gone? As we continue to focus on our collective goals and objectives, every business in Washington is looking for a clear edge over the competition.

Across the state, we all want success. Every single business postures daily for both strategy and change. In fact, nothing can get better without them. Yet it often is difficult to move in that direction. Although we write off most challenges as normal course of business, change can often lead to success if we pick one aspect of the mission or core values and focus on achieving different results.

This is the perfect time of year when we can reassess and get more organized.  We all have to do it in some form or fashion.

Here are six ways to jump start change as a leader:

  • Create a good game plan: No one can get to a destination without planning and direction. Staying on that road to development is essential.
  • Get focused with defined goals and objectives: Write them down and stick with them. Make any adjustments necessary to improve them. Remember, it is important to never give up.  
  • Take risks: Are you really happy with every employee and their responsibilities? Look at all the elements for improvement. Stay positive.
  • Document results every single day: What is leadership doing to make things better? Make it a  habit to log how you are doing; good, bad, and ugly.
  • Take 15 minutes and STOP: Breathe in and out slowly and close your eyes. Think of the positives of the work day and concentrate on what the next moments might bring. Stress can be managed and it can be an asset.
  • Have a sense of humor:  No matter what, humor is both a tool and a skill. There is always a smile to be had if you look for it hard enough.

Your company and business need as much attention as your health. Look for opportunities and search for the good in all the team members. An organized business is the best kind to have in this still slowly growing economy.


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Photo: Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net


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