9 Phases to your Business Game Plan

August 23, 2013

There have been a talented array of coaches in Seahawks football history, Jack Patera still brings back great memories of early Seattle football history. We still see him leaning up against a goal post chatting with writers and fans alike. No matter who you root for in Washington, you can never forget him. He was the first. He was a leader- coach by every definition. Even our staunchest rivals knew Coach Patera meant business when it was kickoff time. He was a winner in those growth days of losses!

In organizations today across Washington, and from coast to coast, you simply cannot be good at what you do anymore. You must be the best!  Think about it. Every business needs a great coach. Employee engagement and winning go hand in hand. Good leaders must to do the following to better the success of every employee.

The 9 phases of a good business game plan is crucial as we head into the latter months of 2013:

  • Understand each employee and what they do well; note what each must improve on to grow.
  • Establish clear goals for every employee and engage with them to ensure there is success.
  • Receive feedback and information that grows the business. Welcome both the good and the bad..
  • Challenge everyone to collaborate with others to build success.
  • Create positive situations where everyone on the team wins and where everyone receives praise.
  • Be a solid communicator who clearly preaches and lives mission and core values.
  • Focus on results and expect everyone else to do the same.
  • Align the company vision with collective goals, and get everyone on the same page in the playbook.
  • Actively listen to every issue and focus on each one with people in mind.

For Dale Carnegie Training, this is the time of year when business truly is like a football team. It is true that some days you win and some days you lose, but with outstanding leadership and coaching, you will always be focused employee engagement and success. The best coaches WIN!


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