8 Points for Goals, Plans & Strategies (GPS)

September 11, 2013

An organization’s road to growth is never straight and narrow. It is always full of barriers, challenges, peaks and valleys. Employee engagement and process improvement are continuous journeys and leadership here in Washington and beyond must stay focused and on the path.

Recently a local manager and faithful follower of Dale Carnegie Training and its principles spoke to a small crowd of business leaders. She talked about leadership and direction and the difficulties of achieving goals and objectives. Being smart with strategy is the key ingredient. Managing and setting goals are essential to everything people do in the business. It is important to have a plan. Organizations and employees need to define goals and set objectives. Having a clear vision is at the heart of success.

Consider the following eight points your professional G.P.S. (Goals, Plans, & Strategies):

  • Visualize the goal: See it and understand the general purpose.
  • Put it on paper: A clear written direction and commitment are important.
  • Know it will work: Make the plan a good one.
  • Place a date on the goal: Everything worth anything has a date assigned to it.
  • Review it every single day: Keeping the goal in front of you at all times.
  • Tell others: It is always about the message and sharing. No one does it alone.
  • Change it if it is not working: Adjustments are part of the process. It is okay to modify, sharpen and improve the end goal.
  • Go have fun when the goal is met: It feels good to acknowledge success with everyone involved. Make it a positive celebration.

As our business leader stated so wisely, there is never any unreasonable goals, just unachievable deadlines. Always focus on planning right to achieve each goal. Clarity, time and achievement are important ingredients but it takes a lot of will power to move forward. For successful people, it is well worth it.


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