4 Leadership Approaches that Impact Engagement

October 10, 2013

We have all worked for a variety of leadership here in the Northwest. Good bosses are always better than poor bosses; but sometimes we can work for both in our careers and we still grow and succeed. Unfortunately, below average leadership does exist in many companies. Some leaders are just new and inexperienced as managers and some of them are set in their ways. There are many challenges, especially in employee and employer engagement when leaders are below par. Across our part of the country, excellence in leadership usually means successful and productive organizations. We do know at times that even the most well-intentioned leader can be imperfect in both decisions and problem solving. In fact, within the Dale Carnegie Principles, being human is indeed part of the equation.

The following four positive leadership approaches can impact employees in very positive ways:

  • Treat everyone as you would want to be treated:  In most every business, leadership can often favor certain employees over others. Fairness and equality can go a long way towards appositive culture and increased morale.
  • Managing by example: Leaders must provide a game plan that provides opportunity for growth.  Sometimes leading means giving people a clear example of what to do and how to do it.     
  • Giving everyone a chance to participate: Of course, involvement is essential for success. All leadership strategies must involve everyone in the organization.
  • Being organized: Preparation is everything. Planning is critical. Clarity and understanding make for success in both goals and objectives. We know that good decisions come from care and risk management.

Dale Carnegie Training knows that no one is perfect. And many ingredients can affect the quality of both leadership and management. Placing employees first is important in many situations. Carnegie-focused objectives are integral to every business environment. The best employees deserve nothing less than the best leadership.


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