5 Sales Skills that Work!

November 8, 2013

Sales professionals here in the Northwest work hard every day. They move our economy and make things happen as we head into 2014 and brand new challenges and opportunities. In sales teams across Washington, businesses can count on sales teams being everything from excellent to non- productive. Those salespeople in the middle of that grid can see the good and the bad and learn from real deals and customers. In order to promote success within sales teams, Dale Carnegie Training programs are in place to give both guidance and direction.

When management considers Dale Carnegie Training courses, everyone has the chance to learn and grow. Salespeople who take learning seriously get better with each training day. Sadly, it is a fact that the majority of salespeople have never taken a sales class or studied sales techniques.

There is only one clear way to gain professional success in sales, and that is to be constantly learning something new. Once sales teams practice and develop people-driven techniques, the skill set increases with opportunity.

It does take a little time to learn and grow. Strategy and purpose help with effort and understanding.

Here are five organizational sales skills that support success:

  • Customer service skills: Listening, asking questions, and information gathering are important.
  • Product knowledge: The best product experts are usually successful at what they do.
  • Continuous learners: Know what the company and the industry are doing on a daily basis. Be ready to communicate what the competition has to offer. Then, be ready to explain the key differences based on your belief in your product and services.
  • Organizational skills: Time is everything. Make sure to schedule follow up and new client acquisition. It takes just 10 minutes every day and read a quick chapter or two out of one of our guidebooks or Dale Carnegie classics.
  • Positive attitude: Come to work to work; work your plan and be there for clients to help and serve them as they make choices. These are the key components to sales success.      

Take the Carnegie courses whenever possible for both growth and opportunity.   


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