Do the Little Things in Big Ways

January 17, 2014

As leadership across the Northwest, we all want our organizations and businesses to grow and prosper as we head more deeply into 2014. Every size and type of business needs to be more successful so the local and regional economy can strengthen with opportunity.

Although Washington is a state that continues to get better, organizations still have a lot to do and we still face stiff competition from businesses in nearby states that are also focused on growth as the year continues.

Doing the small things right in big ways often places businesses in a good position to hire and increase profitability. As with any company, management must continue to ask the following questions:

  • Are employees trained on a regular basis?
  • Is each employee performing in the right job?
  • Are employees rewarded for effort?
  • Is each one knowledgeable with products and services?
  • Is the business hiring upbeat and self-driven people?

There are a multitude of small efforts that equate to a much more successful big picture. It does not matter if the business or organization is selling products or serving the community, the questions are the same. It is important to note that the answers can make a difference.

Pay attention to employees and customers in a positive, caring way and involve them in every aspect of job responsibility is central to success in 2014. A company’s profitability and success are critical byproducts of the core processes and mission.

Doing things right keep businesses competitive. Paying attention to detail and getting the most from every idea and suggestion can make things even better. Doing all the little things in a big way and everyone is successful.

The heart of success is always found from winning friends and influencing people in a positive way. The Principles of Dale Carnegie Training consistently drive opportunity.


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