5 Ingredients of Participative Selling

February 7, 2014

In the warm kitchens across the Northwest, everyone knows that quality ingredients are critical in any good recipe. In fact, change any of the classic ingredients in your favorite meatloaf and everyone notices. People like it a certain way. The flavor is the most important aspect of the best recipes.

It is the same way with participative selling. It too has a certain flavor, and there are key aspects that must be used by the sales professional in their respective processes. Take one step out and everyone notices. Relationship and engagement with the client are essential in this unique type of selling. Communication is at the heart of this style of open and facilitative exchange. Creating value is integral as well. In fact, according to Dale Carnegie Training, selling with a purpose and within a defined process always supports success. At the center of every sale is the collaborative for the sales professional and the customer.

The following five ingredients have to be in every participative selling situation:

  • Excellence:  No one is asking for greatness in every relationship. Dale Carnegie’s  Sales Advantage  training and support can get a salesperson focused and more successful.
  • Understanding:  Everyone sales professional must care for the client’s needs and wants.  Customers know when the profit is the only motive to sell.
  • Listening: Active listening and participative exchange is an essential interpersonal skill. It has to improve every day. It is a must in the sales process.
  • Approach: The approach is everything. From the first few moments into any discussion, it is important. Being friendly and personable are positive characteristics everyone must have for success.
  • Knowledge: It is common for the customer to know more about a product and services that the seller does. Being the expert makes that a non-issue.

When a salesperson is not trained to involve the client in every aspect of the sale, failure becomes a possibility. The majority of sales professionals have never had any formal training, and some have never opened a sales book or visited a sales website like Dale Carnegie.

Training and learning are central to every sales success recipe. Dale Carnegie is the answer.


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Photo: Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net


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