5 Leadership Strategies that Support Success

May 31, 2014

leader image courtesy of jscreatios at FreeDigitalPhotos.netDale Carnegie Training, here in the Northwest, has always had a clear focus on leadership success. Driven by Dale Carnegie Principles, we know that leaders create opportunity and the potential for growth in every employee. As leaders engage the workforce, the culture and the morale of the team depend on this important relationship. It takes a focused approach and the commitment of management to improve both process and profitability.

Here are five leadership strategies that support success:

  • Create and support a positive culture and work setting: Making a living is important to everyone in the workplace. A good environment with all the resources, can lead to continuous process improvement and make a major difference in productivity. It is always the small things, paying attention to people in a positive way and giving them the tools to be effective that support opportunity.
  • Recognize the talents and efforts of employees:  When an organization singles out a team member and acknowledges a job well done, it is an important event. Although e-mail is one way to do it, a personal call or an office visit to congratulate someone has a much greater impact.
  • Flexibility with work hours: Getting a full day in is very much the key to efficiency. Flex hours for employees with young families and others, can support loyalty and help maintain an open and communicative culture.
  • Training and learning: Education creates confidence and supports increased talent and creative ideas. We support positive training and enhancing performance makes the entire organization stronger.
  • Coaching and facilitation:  Training employees and providing feedback are important process improvement strategies. Employees appreciate when leaders and front-line supervision take the time to help grow careers. Positive guidance is critical to everyone and it is an important ingredient to motivation, loyalty, and growth.

The influence of good leadership on employee success can mean the difference when addressing competition and with improving profitability and loyalty. Success, when managed right, is a true team sport.

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