5 Factors to Build Sales Success

June 14, 2014

stuart Miles salesSelling is a great profession with a high ceiling for both success and opportunity. Building relationships and motivating prospects are important strategies for success. In fact, they are the foundation for opportunity. It is still the basic common sense strategies like listening and being knowledgeable that can make a sales week. Yet, how do salespeople set themselves apart from hundreds of other sales professionals working here in the Northwest?

Within the pages of the Dale Carnegie classic “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, he discusses assessing the future, building solid relationships, staying on task, being upbeat and friendly with everyone you meet.

With the most famous business book of all time, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, success is truly the common theme. In sales, it is essential to remember names and offer guidance to prospects and clients in positive ways by involving them in the process.

In sales methodology, there are five important factors to building individual success:

  • Always be sincere:  This is a simple focus and philosophy. Being honest and approachable will make every deal more effective. Relationship is the true foundation of everything in sales.  Clients know stereotypical behavior and word tracks.
  • Be an outstanding listener: In sales, it is all about fact finding, building rapport, and presentation. Every prospect has a very clear reason to purchase. By listening and asking questions, the opportunity will be a little easier for both parties.
  • Do your homework as an expert: Know your products and services better than your peers, and know your competition and what they have to offer. It keeps the process on track and it can save time.
  • Make adjustments: Many times prospect a client will want to purchase something, yet after hearing all the options, they buy something else. A salesperson who handles the situation by offering multiple options is usually the most successful.
  • Build positive relationships: Although there are exceptions to everything in sales, people usually will buy from a salesperson they like and trust. Pay attention to commonality.

In sales, it is all about relationships. It is by working leads and building networks that make selling a wonderful profession.

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