10 Traits of the Imperfect Leader

June 29, 2014

jscreationszsAlthough as organizations and leaders here in the Northwest, we strive for perfection; we know that errors and mistakes often happen in any situation. People make them every day. With the array of important responsibility each team member has, and the fact that everyone must react to a multitude of issues, we know it is okay to be imperfect. Leaders and employees grow in engagement and focus with each mistake that is made.

Good leadership understands that imperfection drives success. The human ability to take chances and fail is often used to create success. Thomas Edison comes to mind as one who had more failures than successes. He failed hundreds of times, yet his inventions changed the modern world. It is important to note that success is built through relationships; each one driven by winning friends and influencing people. We all have worked for and around the leaders and managers who support trial and error and view them as important drivers of achievement.

Imperfect leadership often has the following ten fundamental interpersonal traits:

  • Complete honesty
  • Trust and integrity
  • Open mindedness
  • Truth tellers
  • Good listeners and retainers of information
  • Accepts responsibility
  • Focus on equality
  • Facilitate productive meetings
  • Make well thought out decisions
  • Have open office hours

Now, it is interesting to note that they are certainly more activities that can be listed here. The imperfect leader knows that respect and involvement with others grows success for the business.

As true professionals who know that the Principles of Dale Carnegie work and thrive in good organizations; we know that ability and relationship go hand-in hand. The strong culture of the company is a key component for increasing opportunity. Results are important. Accountability and understanding make the difference as people grow and learn through mistakes and successes.

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