6 Tips for Showing Your Employees Some Appreciation

July 12, 2014

ID-100265120One of the best ways to generate loyalty among your staff is to make them feel appreciated. This can result in more consistent, high-quality work. Additionally, your employees may feel more inclined to give you honest feedback and will have a vested interest in the success of team projects.

When it comes to making your staff feel appreciated, the simplest things go a long way. Here is a list of six easy tips that will help you convey your appreciation from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of the Northwest:

1. Just Say “Thank You” More Often — When your employees complete a task in a satisfactory manner, point it out. Thank them for a job well done. Having their hard work recognized will validate their work experiences and let them know that a good job is appreciated. Sincere, in-person thanks are most genuine and effective.

2. Cut Down on Criticism — Negative and constant criticism will only put your team members on the defensive and create employee frustration. Instead, provide constructive criticism. If appropriate, soften the constructive criticism with a sincere compliment. Additionally, avoid drama and gossip as no one appreciates this.

3. Learn Everyone’s Name — It can be hard for an employee to believe you are keeping track of her accomplishments if you do not even know her name. Even if you supervise a large number of employees, take the time to learn all names. This personal interaction goes a long way.

4. Listen To Someone’s Concern — Your employees understand that your time is valuable, and they will greatly appreciate it if you make time to listen to their concerns. When you listen to a staff member, avoid talking over him. In your response, let him know that his concerns have been heard by reiterating them and thanking him for his feedback.

5. Cultivate Your Internal Talent — After completing the same tasks every day, it is easy to understand how an employee can feel as though her job is stagnant—or worse, unimportant to the overall organization. To combat this, recognize an employee’s natural talents and help her develop them. This will also let the employee know that her strengths are appreciated and that she is on the right track.

6. Stay Positive — Leading by example is crucial, and keeping a positive attitude will have a positive effect on your team. Remain conscious of how you talk about other people and keep your tone positive whenever possible.

Employees who feel appreciated tend to commit to producing quality work. They are also more likely to have a vested interest in promoting a positive corporate culture and the overall success of team projects. Appreciation fosters trust and employee loyalty, allowing you to retain the best members of your team and get the best results from them.

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