6 Foundations for Organizational Change

July 13, 2014

change JZ, fdpWhen Dale Carnegie Training assesses organizations, terms like engagement, empowerment and process improvement, and leadership are all important aspects. Probably the number one factor that is evaluated in many businesses and non-profits here in the Northwest is organizational change.

Change and the management tools of decision making and problem solving are very important for both growth and opportunity. With the continuous focus on success, being competitive and improving every employee, product and service makes for good change that is driven by open and honest communication. In fact, change is the one central process that motivates every single person from the leaders to the teams. Although there are always a few people opposed to change and the ideas of change, for the most part, it all comes together for the majority of the workforce that welcomes and supports it.

Let’s assess six interrelated factors of that are the foundation of change:

  • Resolution is needed to make set the goals when risk is involved. There is unknown at the beginning of every change. Moving forward is essential.
  • Open communication creates the opportunity with both focus and message.  It is critical for management to shatter the truth in every situation.
  • Giving thanks with important contributions gives team members the appreciation needed to continue the process and the improvements.
  • Maintaining normalcy is a critical ingredient for success. Focus on the “new normal” and make it better for management and employees.    
  • Success is the continuous mission of everyone in business. All good change leads there.
  • Enthusiasm for work and organizational change is fortified by positive attitudes and motivated team spirit as we head more deeply into the second half of 2014.

As Mr. Dale Carnegie  grew his training and business focused company, he always centered on honesty and appreciation. Ask the team members, how can we change? Moving ahead is everyone’s goal.

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