5 Important Ways to Strengthen Relationships

August 8, 2014

dale-carnegieAmong the several books that dale Carnegie wrote in his lifetime, there is always the common theme of relationships and success. In the powerful Dale Carnegie classic from 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Part Three: How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking, Chapter 8 discusses “A Formula that Will Work Wonders for You.” This important chapter centers on a voluminous amount of guidance in dealing with others, personally and professionally, in a wide array of situations.

Mr. Carnegie’s very simple formula is to put yourself in the place of the person you are in front of or working with to complete a goal. Here in the Northwest, it is great policy. Relationships drive both opportunity and success.

With the Dale Carnegie Principles in mind, strengthening interpersonal relationships and bettering those skills are powerful in dealing with others in five important ways:

  • It builds greater self-confidence
  • Increases people skills
  • Enhances interpersonal communication skills
  • Develops important leadership skills
  • Improves attitudes and reduces the concerns of stress

It is essential that everyone considers that the other individual’s feelings are as important as their own. Understanding and empathy are skills that integrate a true sense of relationship in every single discussion we are involved in.

Having tact and diplomacy in working with others go a long way to increase effectiveness in the workplace environment. In our personal lives as well, it does make a difference. The blend of equality and courtesy is critical to achieve both goals and objectives.

A good leader knows and understands every point of view in a fair manner. If we want clear and achievable results, all of us here in the Northwest must focus on commonality.

When reviewing Winning Friends and Influencing People, it is good to remember just one thing. Everyone must have “an increased tendency to think always in terms of the other person’s point of view… (this) might easily prove to be one of the stepping stones of your career.”

The roots of Dale Carnegie Training have always been focused on positive relationships and professionalism. It truly is a formula that works wonders.


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