11 Secrets for Sales Success

August 16, 2014

sales milesIn sales, it is all about attitude and positive energy. Of course, here in the Northwest, good salespeople need to manage a portfolio of prospects and maintain a loyal owner base, but getting to that point is all conceptual. It takes consistency of mental focus and a true commitment to success. Generating business means dedicating everything possible to acting and thinking like a true professional.

In association with Dale Carnegie Training, Jeffrey Gitomer’s core sales principles for success can mean the difference in achieving the goals that every salesperson needs and wants. According the Secrets of Sales Success, it is all about attitude, great connections, and client loyalty.

Dale Carnegie Training offers a short abstract of 11 Secrets of Sales Success principles needed to dedicate everything to career longevity:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Learn something new every day
  • Know effort drives success
  • Believe that adjustments and change can grow achievement
  • Create your personal brand and build your reputation
  • Create value for every potential client you met
  • Personally connect with every person and build relationships
  • Ask open-ended questions that engage others
  • Make presentations that are both compelling and memorable
  • Focus on where potential clients might be and be in those networks

The sales profession is a simple one of building relationships and seeking opportunity. Yet, it is as challenging a career as any that exists in today’s work environment. The goal for any solid professional is not to sell anything, but to provide the information and the outstanding customer service needed that gives every reason for the client to buy the product.

Be honest and sincere in every aspect of the process. It is important to creating engaging customer service excellence.  Sales across the Northwest drive our economy. Nothing happens until a product or service is sold. Sales professionals make our economy roll. Following Jeffry Gitomer’s principles ensures that every day.

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