8 Strategies for Leadership Guidance

August 30, 2014

Photostock engagedThere is an amazing amount of synergy between leaders and employees across the organizations here in the Northwest. Together much can be accomplished when everything is in sync. Decision making, problem solving and the big picture focus of goals and objectives all come together when communication is good and employees are engaged with task and responsibility.

Of course nothing is perfect in any business and there are many challenges to consider as we head toward the end of 2014. Managing the mission and focusing on vision have to come from within and involve the majority of the team to maintain success.

Many issues can arise and must be managed with careful attention. Smaller concerns like gossip and job dissatisfaction can arise at any time and larger situations such as harassment have to be addressed as well. How leaders manage the small and the large issues in the workplace can make a big difference in productivity and profitability.

With the Dale Carnegie Principles in mind, leadership must utilize the following eight strategies to smooth situations with guidance and concern:

  • Pay attention to all levels of the organization
  • Stay involved in improving the culture into a strong and common purpose
  • Implement process and find solutions to problems as they arise
  • Instill the corporate mission, guiding principles, and core values and beliefs with through training and continuing education
  • Maintain an open door policy and make the time to be approachable and available
  • Focus on the positives when issues or problems arise
  • Hire people focused on success and create a career development plan for every employee
  • Define goals and objectives and facilitate the opportunity for results

Leadership always carries with it a huge amount of responsibility. Setting the example through positive action can really make a difference in the efforts to involve and engage every single employee to follow that same action.

Teamwork sets the tone, and with the right amounts of delegation and coaching, every organization can be a positive training and learning environment. The strategy of working together is a timeless one.

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