Portland’s Pursuit of Reaching Its Ultimate Workforce Potential

September 25, 2015

On Sept. 22nd, the State of Oregon Employment Department announced that the Portland area has reached its highest jobs level in a decade.  According to the report, 4,800 new jobs were added to the Portland area in August.  There are many initiatives aimed at growing Portland’s tech ecosystem as many of the state’s fastest-growing populations are often left out of the innovation economy.

A recent article in the Portland Business Journal touted a group of 12 Portlanders who represent the Portland Development Commission (PDC) who partners with private sector companies to create a more inclusive innovation economy.  Their guiding belief is that ‘diversity and inclusion lead to better economic and business outcomes.’  The PDC began several years ago with a goal of supporting a growing pool of successful minority entrepreneurs.  Today, the PDC’s primary efforts are to educate the pipeline of diverse talent, support startups led by minority founders and facilitate an inclusive tech workplace.


The PDC’s third annual Startup PDX Challenge, an international competition to connect startups to Portland’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and support the businesses for one year through their early stage growth, is accepting applications until Sept. 30, 2015.  Up to six startup business winners will each receive a maximum of $25,000 in funding, an entire year of rent-free office space at 222 NW Fifth Avenue in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood, personal coaching, access to a network of mentors in the Portland startup ecosystem, and more!  If you own or are employed by a startup business, consider applying by Sept. 30th or set a goal of entering the 2016 PDX Challenge.

Organizations big and small face similar challenges—employee engagement is at an all-time low of 31.5% according to Gallup.  Workers are jumping ship for reasons such as their boss not trusting them and blaming them for mistakes; difficult co-workers and work not being flexible.  Since employees are every organization’s most important asset, it is critical to invest time into increasing their level of engagement.  This includes leadership training for sub-par managers; sales training for under-performing representatives and behavioral training for employees who are subject matter experts in specific areas, but whose interpersonal skills are lacking.

At Dale Carnegie Training of Portland and SW Washington, we thrive on coaching professionals to reach their ultimate potential.  Consider enrolling yourself, or someone you manage, in an upcoming course and witness immense growth in just a few weeks. 

Could morale be improved by strengthening interpersonal relationships, communication skills and stress management given fast-changing workplace conditions?  If so, check out the world-class Dale Carnegie Course which kicks-off Weds, Sept. 30th in Tigard; Tues., Oct. 20th in Salem and on Thurs., Jan. 21st in Eugene.

Do leaders struggle to trust and motivate employees, and instead, micromanage them?  If so, they would greatly benefit from the three-day Leadership Training for Managers course which is proven to arm current and aspiring managers with the skills required to motivate the modern team.  This course begins in Tigard on Monday, Oct. 19th.

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